Marina Safiyya Nur Ahadi

Misi Fizik

Misi Fizik, as I know it, is the first book of the Misi series to be written by someone other than Nazry. Truth to be told I was a bit unsure, but I didn't regret buying this book.

The main character, Nuke, is very relatable especially since I myself don't like Physics. However, seeing the way Mar and Harihtaroon present Physics in this book, it changed slightly the way I think of Physics. I also understand more how Physics are hugely interlaced with nature, something we can't run away from.

I also think that it's great how this book portrays Fizi through the eyes of another character, it shows him in a different light and yet still stays true to the Fizi that Nazry had written previously. I could see that the writer truly captured the character's personality. Perhaps it's because of how the story centers around Nuke, it allows more room for characterisation. The story was emotionally touching, although it could have more twists. I still wonder why was Fizi there in the school though, maybe he was visiting as an alumnus.

As for the art, it was pleasing to the eyes. I could feel the artist's love for Fizi and the rest of the characters. The character designs are a tad bit generic but still distinguishable, although I like how Faizal does not appear as your every day bully.

Overall, the story and the art were nice. They made the right choice when they chose Mar and Harihtaroon to create this piece of art. I hope Tim Misi would continue to work hard, and good luck with your future books. After all, your next works can't be worse than your current. Keep going!

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