You Are The One, Mom!

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“I hate you, Thomas. Why you always do the same? You always fail in every exam.” Thomas’s teacher was scolding him with wrote at the blackboard after all pupils left the classroom.

“I’m sorry, teacher. I promise I will do the best for next exam,” Thomas replied to his teacher.

    “You don’t need to do the best anymore.” His Teacher still wrote at the blackboard because Thomas can’t hear anything.

    “Why, teacher?” asked Thomas.


In The Train.

What Thomas’s teacher said to him always in his mind. He looked very sad.

Suddenly, he opened his school bag to get some sweet candies. After all the candies in his tiny hand, he sold all the candies. Almost everyday he sold his candies to get some money.

On that day, some of candies was not bought by the passengers in the train. Tray of candies was eat by Thomas but not all.

After the train arrived at the destination, Thomas walked slowly from the long train because he was too sad. Some people think Thomas scolded by his teacher. They know about Thomas because half of the villagers called him ‘stupid’. He don’t care about other who saw him. He just walked returned to his home hurriedly.


At Thomas’s house..

Thomas hugged his mother, Nancy Matthews Elliott. He told to his mother about what happend at his school. After her son told to her, she looked so sad.

“All your friends called you ‘stupid boy’?” asked Nancy with wrote at a piece of white paper to her son and Thomas replied.

“Yes. All my teachers too.” 

Nancy walked to her bedroom and cried. She never know that all peoples called her son like that. She don’t know what she need to do.

She thinked about her son until her husband arrived at their home from work place. When her husband, Samuel Ogden Edison sat on a woodchair, Nancy told him about Thomas. After that, Mr. Edison replied to his beautiful wife.

“If you want our son be a successful people, we need to be wiser and stronger than now. We need to teach him,” Nancy was agree with her husband.


After a few days.

Nancy and her husband went to Thomas’s school. They met the headmaster. They told everything about Thomas’s problems. They also want their son get study at school again. Lastly, the headmaster not agreed with them. They returned to their home with sadly faces.

Beside that, Nancy promised to herself to be wiser and stronger. Since that day she began to teached her son, Thomas Alva Edison.


One day.

Thomas and his kind mother were walking at the tiny market. His mother bought something for cooking. She also bought some candies for her son.

Suddenly, Nancy bumped with Thomas’s teacher. Thomas was afraid with his teacher and he was hiding behind his mother’s body. The teacher said to Nancy.

“Hi, how with your son right now?”

“Hi, I’m so glad because my son be more happy when he studied with me,” Nancy replied.

“I hope you will teach him until he success,” the teacher said with firm sound. After that, she walked away.

Nancy and Thomas walked to returned their home. She was feeling sad because Thomas’s teacher said like that to her.

Sometimes, Nancy nearly to give up. But, she still remember what peoples do to her son and what they said to her son. She don’t want to hear anyone say to her son ‘stupid boy’. She teached Thomas with hard to reach her dream.


A few days before exam day.

Nancy very happy after she got teached her son until Thomas be smarter than before. She was very confident that Thomas can’t remember many things.

Nancy and her husband planed to ask permission from the headmaster to give their son take examinations. After that, Nancy and Mr. Edison were glad because the headmaster allowed Thomas take examinations.


Exam day.

 Thomas went to school to sitting of examinations. He was feeling very throb till his heart was pounding.

Beside that, Thomas sat on a small chair. When a exam papers on his exam table, his heart was more pounding. He tried to composed himself.

In every exam day, Thomas always do the same things before answer all the questions.


The examinations result day.

On that day, Thomas and all pupils were feeling very throb. But, Thomas was confident that he can get a good result.

“Congratulations for Thomas Alva Edison! You got a good result,” The headmaster wished Thomas’s glory.  Nancy cried because she was very proud of her son. She was hug her son and Thomas cried too.


After a many years.

Thomas created a bulb. The bulb was very useful to all peoples. He can created it because of his mother’s effort.

He was thankful to his mother. He always remember his mother. He can be a successful people although he was not normal like us. The bulb very useful to our. Now, we are use it. If bulb was not created by Thomas, we are in darkness now.

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