Sharks –  The Misunderstood King of The Sea

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Sharks are one of the most successful marine predators on the planet. Sharks cannot stop moving because they do not have swim bladders like other fish. The biggest shark to swim on the earth is the Megalodon, a Godzilla sized shark. Sharks breed in two ways, either by laying eggs or by give birth. The nurse shark lays its eggs in shallow water. Some hook their eggs onto rocks or screw them in like a corkscrew. The ones that give birth have their eggs hatch inside them. 

There are many types of sharks such as the hammerhead, bull, tiger and great white shark. The strongest shark is the bull shark although it can sometimes be smaller than the great white shark, it still has a stronger bite. The tiger shark is also smaller than the great white but it has stronger teeth and can even break a turtles shell. The hammerhead shark is a species that is quite friendly and uses its head as a radar and can use its eyes to look backwards. The great white shark is the largest species today but it is smaller than the orca or killer whale and a great white can even be eaten by one. 

Like most animals, sharks are even more scared of us than we are of them and more sharks are killed by human than we are eaten by them. Sharks are mainly killed for their fins to be used in shark fin soup. There are some small sharks too such as the dwarf lantern shark. Sharks are fast to be able to chase seals and fish. One of the fastest sharks in the sea is the lemon shark. The reason it has lemon in its name is because it is yellow in colour. 

Whale sharks are not real sharks or whales because it has no blow hole, lungs or a tail that goes up and down. It also cannot swim fast and has no teeth. Sharks mostly eat fish and crabs but tiger sharks will eat anything from plastic bags to plate numbers. Cookie cutter sharks are named for their bite marks which look like cookie cuts from a cookie cutter. Sharks recycle their teeth after they eat them. Most shark detach their teeth and grow new ones. Sharks mainly eat fish and some species like the nurse shark eat crabs. Human though are definitely not in their menu.

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