No Truth

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 A hundred years ago, there lived a girl with her old brother and old sister in Jrubong Village. They treated by a tree which life like a human. However, it can’t walking like us. The tree’s name is Mrs Liverone. Liverone had a hole in its trunk for a shelter and took care of the children from danger. Inas, Isna, and Riza abandoned by their parents since they were baby then treated by Mrs. Liverone. They grow healthy, smart, beautiful, and handsome.

In 1915, only man were allowed to go to school. The woman just stay at home,c ooked for their family, and took care their children. So were Inas and Isna. They just stay at home and waiting for Riza to brought some books from his university’s library.

One day at 7 a.m., Riza was prepared to go to Mexico to research something. Isna would cook tomatoes soup before Riza’s disappearance and order Inas to picking some tomatoes in the garden.

Inas was enthusiastically greet “Good morning Mrs. Liverone!” Inas said.

“Good morning, dear!” answered Mrs. Liverone.

Suddenly, Inas stumble a long roots and fall over the bushes. She blamed the roots which make her fall. Surprisingly, it was not a root, it was like a damaged cable. Then, she followed the cable’s origin. It seemed has a connection with Mrs. Liverone. Because when she cut down the cable, Mrs. Liverone become pass out.

Inas called Isna and Riza to come out. They shocked about what happened. 

“We must help Liverone! or it will be die!” Inas said. 

“Stt… calm down, the colonist will know that we are not protected anymore. They will take us to be their slave,” Isna said slowly. 

Riza dig a hole in the origin of the cable. Suddenly, the colonist came in hurry. Fortunately, they saw a wooden door in the hole. They opened the door and went into the hole.

The hole was located under the Liverone tree and it was very dark. Their move automatically makes the whole room was filled with light. 

“What the hell is this!?” 

Inas said, “Is it a television, radio, or…. maybe time machine? But, why it’s so many?”

“Unbelievable!” Isna said with gaping. 

“This is the center of Liverone’s life” Riza clarify. 

Alright, Liverone is a machine. It is controlled by someone who loves them very much which leave their son and daughters with this tree machine to protect them. They knew that their parents were still alive.

So much glare after they opened the door. 

“Is it morning? I feel, we’re just getting into the basement four hours ago,” Inas said. 

The morning looks different. Everything is changes. They are not come out from basement. They wake up from a long sleep in the hospital. And they looks five years younger than in their dream. 

“Hi, kids. I’m Mrs.Liverone, your new psychologist once your new nanny. Let’s go to your house. Let’s start a new live.”

“Wait, what year is it?” 


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