Mr Abraham: the kind farmer

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Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Mr Abraham. He had a big farm in England. He had chickens, cows, ducks, a cat and some rabbits. One day, he had to go to the wheat field. He carried a big bag of wheat because he wanted to make rice. Then he went fishing, he caught some fish to eat with the rice. Then after he ate his lunch, he went outside to play with his cat, Momo. Before night time, he fed all of his animals. 

The next day, he bought a turtle, it was a male and a female. The male was called Adam and the female was called Lila. His son played with them. Mr Abraham was very happy to see his son play. He told his son to come in to eat. His son loved it. The next day he went to the market to buy some fruits and veggies to plant in his garden. When he got back home, he accidentally fell asleep, there were lots of flies on the table, but it was just a dream. 

He woke up and said, “I have a bad feeling about this,” he said to himself. 

Then in the afternoon, he said “I am going out for a while.”

“Where are you going dad” asked his son. 

“I am going to the market,” replied Mr Abraham. 

He walked and walked to the market. When he reached the market, he did not see any fruits or veggies. He then walked home sadly. Finally he found the fruits and veggies. 

They ate the fruits first and his son said, “Mmmm… this mango is delicious,” and then he said, “yes, it is.”

When they are done eating, they slept using a cloth blanket. 

“It was fun dad,” his son said. 

After that they sleep during the night. The next morning they bought some food back home. They sold some fresh milk for sale. It was only three pounds for each box of milk. A women then came to buy some milk. She ordered two boxes of milk. It was six pounds. They had enough money to go to school. The school name was the UK School Hall Academy. His son was very happy there. There were lots of children from standard one until sixth grade. When the farmer was 57 years old, his son died. Mr Abraham was left alone, everything he did alone, and he was sad and lonely.

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