Atilia the Mermaid: Change School

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where the mermaids live. There lived a King and Queen. The kingdom was Oceana. They waited a long time to have a baby. At last, after 10 years they got a baby girl. The baby’s name was Atilia. Atilia’s family was very happy to have her.

Atilia was now 15 years old. Atilia loves to swim above water. One day her father told her mother that she had to go to a new school. Atilia overheard this and was shocked! She told all her friends about this.

She was very sad.

“I heard my father told my mother that I should go to a new school. I was really shocked when I heard this.” 

“Well, that wasn’t good news. If you really move school, I guess I will really miss you,” said Adeline.

“Yeah, I guess we will really miss you because we are best friends forever, right? When will you move to a new school, Atilia?” said Arika.

“I don’t know. Maybe I have to ask my father,” said Atilia.

  When Atilia reached home she asked her father.

“Father, when will I move to a new school?”

“How did you know?” said King Arick.

“I overheard you told mother about this,” said Atilia.

“I guess next week,” said King Arick.

“Okay then,” said Atilia.

Atilia then asked, “Father, which school am I going to go?” 

“I guess it will be… at LMC,” said King Arick.

“What does it means father?” said Atilia.

“I guess it means Loyal Merschool Charms,” said King Arick.

“Okay. I get it. Is it just a normal school, Father?” said Atilia.

“No it isn’t. It is a school for merprince and merprincess. You, my daughter are no normal   mermaid. You are a Merprincess. So that’s why we wanted you to change school,” said King Arick.

“Okay then, but what about my old friends? I love them too,” said Atilia.

“I guess you can invite them any time you like to our castle,” said King Arick.

“Yeay! I love you father,” said Atilia and hugged her father.

So on that day, she moved to a new school called LMC. Yet, she never forgot her best friend at her old school. Sometimes, she will invite her old friends to play with her in the castle. She never forgot her old friend, of when she made a new friend at the new school.

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